Techniques to Remember When Creating Your Own Beats

Creating your own beats is considered such a remarkable talent. Especially in the field of hip-hop music, creating beats is a defining factor if the song is salable in the public or not. It is not surprising to know then that more and more people are being interested with beat-making. If you are one of these beat-making enthusiasts, then you should bear in mind these techniques that will give you the edge when creating your own beats.
Provided that you already downloaded and used a credible beat-making soft ware, the first technique is to explore all possibilities of sound effects from the kick down to the clap and loop. This will give you expertise on how to use these effects and when to add them on the intervals when creating your own beats.
Adding a kick using the sound of the drum set is the next technique when producing your own beats. A pumping kick makes the sound livelier. Different tracks can be used like the bass drum or kick drum, depending on your preferred sound.
Adding a snare is the next technique for a more attention-grabbing beat creation. Other effects that should be considered adding are the open and closed hit hats that should be added in between the kicks and the snares intervals. To give zest to the entirety of music, you can also add another technique - the clap. These can be inserted in between kicks or onto the snares for a more profound sound.
The last technique that is worth pondering is adding a loop. At times, beats become redundantly sounding. To avoid the boredom, adding three or more extra loops is highly recommended. Remember though that the loops you choose to add should complement the ensemble of sounds. Otherwise, you are just creating noise, and not music. It is best to use only light sounding instruments like light percussion. If high defining sound will be used like kick and snare, the loop will actually cloud over the whole sound and the whole music will fall apart.
These techniques are sure ways to deliver the perfect sound, when followed correctly. Just remember to always exceed the expectations both yours and the others every time you create a new beat. With these techniques to use, good quality instruments and tracks to use, and your own creative imagination, you are on your sure way to create the perfect beat!

The Best Guide to Sound Effects, Synths and Software Synthesizers - VST and MIDI

If you boost the synthesizer to the place where it clips and removes part of the audio range, then you have pushed the signal of the synthesizer over the limit. In essence, what you have done is created distortion. This is a very popular effect when utilized on electric guitars. In addition to this, you can create additional harmonics by distorting signals in the frequency range. You may also hear distortion being referred to as overdrive. These effects are really not used a lot because it creates a distasteful clipping of the signal, but the creative individual can produce some interesting outcomes. Phasers can be utilized in various stages like 2, 4,8,16 or higher. The signal will be more effective with the increased numbers of stages being used. Phasing means the signal passes through an all pass filter. When this happen you get highs and lows or peaks and notches within the frequency spectrum. If it's a moving effect you want, then the LFO has to sweep the comb filter. This puts forth the standard phaser sound. If you turn up the flanging signal too high, it resonates to an unacceptable level. You can modify flanging by simply changing the sweeping delay rate along with the feedback and signal depth. This is just like the chorus and phaser effects. The flanger is similar to the artificial chorus and phaser techniques. Originally, you could produce a sweeping effect of the signals as they became out of sync with each other. This could only be done by a tiny amount, and it was produced by decreasing two identical reel tapes. This is similar in artificial flanging. It consists of multiplying the single and constantly changing the delay between the signals at the rate of being within milliseconds. Once this happens, it will sound like a jet plane. As the harmonic bumps and dips of the signal are in series with one another, it creates a comb filter effects. With delay effects, you can utilize some really unique methods like creating feedback loops, which will constantly run. You can achieve this by reversing the delay playback. Delay is also called echo and is a very common effects factor in sound synthesis. All it is is copying the synthesizers original sound then playing it many times between the different time spans. If you create sound in a big room, it will reverberate because of the size of the room. This is similar with reverb when it comes to sound synthesis. It is one of the oldest effects to be used and was once created by plates and springs manually. Now it is created by digital means. Close simulations of room sizes and using delays is the method used today. This creates the illusion of sound hitting the hearing of the listener, then right after the reverberation effect is heard.

How To Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats With Loops

Making your own beats isn't as difficult as you may think. Hip Hop is simple, but still many producers over complicate the beat making process. Let me show you how to make your own Hip Hop Beats with loops, and how easy it is to create killer tracks in a short amount of time. Most beats consist of a kick drum, snare, hi-hat, bassline and a chopped sample that plays over the beat. The use of sound effects, or percussion instruments such as bongos, or cow bells, can also be used to add more depth and variety to a beat. Timberland uses a lot of percussion in his music. What most people don't know is top producers are using loops to create music for high profile rappers and singers. Contrary to popular belief the use of loops are very common in Hip Hop and Rap music. A loop is typically 4 bars in length and can be repeated throughout a track. A drum loop for example will contain a pre composed kick and snare that are arranged in various patterns. Loops are often pre-mastered and using them is simply a case of dragging and dropping the loop into your track. You can also manipulate the loops and rearrange them to create different sounds or patterns. Sounds exciting right? Before you can begin to make your own Hip Hop beats you will need some software on your computer to arrange, edit, or compose, your music. If you're a beginner I recommend you try out a free piece of software called LMMS. You can also use a drum machine. I personally like to use my MPC 2500 to arrange, chop and edit my beats. If you're a DJ/rapper and want to create your own tracks, or you're new to Hip Hop production, or even if you're a seasoned pro and don't have the time to create music from scratch then I highly recommend using loops. Loops can be downloaded for free online, or can be purchased in loop packs that contain hundreds of ready made loops. Be careful when downloading loops online because they are often overused and lack quality. By using drum, percussion and bassline loops you create a complete track in less than an hour. Now you know how to make your own Hip Hop beats using loops, go and get busy creating the next chart topper.

Royalty Free Sound Effects for Videos, Websites, Blogs, and Computers

Sound effects work well when you are looking for ways to add sparkle to a corporate video, spice up a website or want to make your blog more entertaining for your targeted audience. If you are going for a sound effect then consider using royalty-free sound effects.Sounds are usually copyrighted, which restricts others from using that particular sound. But a royalty free sound is licensed to you - the user - and so you are free to use your royalty free sound for ever, over and over again. People used to download sounds illegally from the Internet but why indulge in corrupt practices when you can get fantastic royalty free sounds? A variety of these type of music are available on the Internet and you can choose from rhythmic heart beating to birds chirping, and from a wind blowing sound to a crowd cheering. Whatever sound you need it's available as free sounds. In addition, there is no limit to using these melodious royalty free sounds. These effects are often used on corporate videos, websites and blogs. The 'looping technique' works in such a way that a music effect is looped within a site (for example) - so that it plays continuously without a break or pause when the site is opened. Because it only downloads once, then loops over and over, it is a way of creating the illusion of an evolving music track, whilst preserving a small download file-size. Sound is also used for computers. Instead of listening to the boring ping-ping or ding-ding on your computer, when you receive an email or open a program, you can choose a dog barking, clapping or any sound you like. To find more crazy use of sound effects, watch the videos. If you are making a video, website or blog for a client and want to use sound then royalty-free sound effects is your best bet, to avoid your business running into trouble using an illegally downloaded sound effect. The client wants their site to be very entertaining. But if you download a Madonna WAV or MP3, turning a blind eye to the copyright act, it is not only illegal. It is also short-sighted. Just imagine what the client would feel, knowing that you have looped a stolen track. You will lose that client's business forever. With royalty-free sound effects, you can make videos, sites and blogs as interesting as the clients want, without infringing the legal rights of others and the sentiments of your clients. Plenty of royalty free sounds that suit every requirement are available on the Internet but if you still find difficulty in tracking your favorite sound then try mix matching two or more sounds to produce your desired sound effect. And in this business environment, there are also many producers offering custom sound design at very reasonable rates. Angela Santori through his valuable and relevant content helps music lovers to access those websites that enable the internet surfers to listen to, short-list, purchase and download royalty-free music, loops and sound effects. The author name also delivers the content that talk about a custom sound design service.

Using Loops to Produce Unique Sounds

One of the things I love about sound loops, it the ability to change them. To take a guitar loop, and make it into the base of my beat. To take a vocal loop and distort it into a glitch element. Now if you didn't understand any of that, A sound loop is a piece of audio. It can be a drum beat, a guitar riff, dripping water, tools being used and anything else you can imagine. You use them to make songs. Mainly electronica styles. Glitch is a style of electronica based on weird machine noises. Think video game in a blender. If you're more interested in instrument based music, this really isn't a good article for you. There are lots of ways to change loops. Altering pitch, using the equalization to change the focus of the sound, effects and more. The only limits on what can be achieved are the ones on your imagination. Take a Drum loop and put it through a distortion effect, try the settings, you never know what it'll sound like! Try running the same piece of sound through a bunch of different effects. Try combination's of effects. I will only insist on one thing. Use a compression effect. Compressor software limits the level of volume a track can go past. Since some effects, and combination's of effects can produce ear splitting sounds, always use compression when experimenting with warping loops! A fun trick I've used is to import a movie to my production software. I get rid of the video and run the audio through various effects till I get something I like. You end up with over an hour of bizarre and distorted sounds to play with. Best of all since the sounds maintain the ups and downs of a movie soundtrack; without sounding anything like one, what you get is always unique. It can be cool when a bit of sound drifts through, that you can tell is voices, but cant make any of it out. The key to getting your own collection of unique and amazing sounds, is to play and experiment. there's always a cool new effect someones put up for free, always new things to explore. My name is Ryan Murphy and My love in life is music. Listening to it, making it and exploring it. Music really is my drive in life. I got into online marketing, graphic design, sales, and creative writing to help me in my dreams. I write stories, have a book on online marketing out on Amazon's Kindle, sell t-shirts, and of course music.